The Art of ~ Jussi aka ” Master-of-Onion “

Looking for some inspiration in another traditional art, I stumbled upon Jussi , an artist from Finland, with a passion for games and sculpting. One of the game that gives him the inspiration… Continue reading

The Art of ~ “Yiinx”

Remaining in the hyperrealism area, I present you Yiinx ( her username as a devianArt user ) from Netherlands. Even though she doesn’t have so many drawings,the quality she displays is great.Even though… Continue reading

The Art of ~ Olga “Melamory” Larionova

In our digital era, it is breath-taking to see traditional artist that are pushing themselves in creating stunning/ hypnotic pieces of art. This is the case for Olga “Melamory” Larionova (her deviantart gallery… Continue reading

Print design for “Sibiu Wedding Days”

Design the Web Mag #1

EN: We all want to make the web a pleasant place to be.  Some of us through written word, some through music, sharing paintings, photos and so on… Websites help us present the… Continue reading

… a work in progress

Since we were made/the caveman (we could say “Homo Erectus” ) , we liked to express our feeling and emotions through art. My favorite art form is painting ( or let’s just say that… Continue reading

Hy to my first blog post!

Hy, I’m Silviu, an engineer student with a passion for art. I created this blog to showcase my work ( and talk a little about it ), find and show inspiration, and much… Continue reading