… a work in progress

Since we were made/the caveman (we could say “Homo Erectus” ) , we liked to express our feeling and emotions through art. My favorite art form is painting ( or let’s just say that I like plastic art ).

Painting came to be from our beloved “caveman”. By a freak accident he started spitting color mixed with water on his hand pressed by a cave wall, this becoming the first painting ( we can assume that they did body painting before, but I can’t quite grasp on the idea that one man said one day : ” Let’s do something with this red dirt “. Bright guy I must say 🙂 )

Since then we evolved a lot ( Leonardo da Vinci , Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn , Michelangelo Buonarroti – he still painted on walls , Pablo Picasso , to more recent painters like : Romulo Celdran , Jason Seiler , Scott Robertson , Androidblues ( alias ) ).

Even though we like to paint on all sorts of surfaces, from metal to wood, glass and even rice , the 21st century man added a new surface to the collection: THE BYTE. There are a lot of digital painters today because it’s a relatively cheap ( you need only a computer ). Because I like paining ( and in my defense I have no room and time to do acrylic painting ) I chose to start to paint on a virtual canvas. Armed with a mouse I try to make “Some kind of art”.

I’ve been working on a digital painting with an old man witch I hope to finish the week to come. I have already worked 10h on it.

I hope you like it. Feel free to comment.

Until next post …